Career Mentoring

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Paul works with students, graduates students just entering the workforce, entry-level employees, and employees who are making or considering a career change.  

Sometimes a person is just stuck and needs an unbiased sounding board for their thoughts and ideas.  Sometimes they need motivation, suggestions, and challenging questions to accelerate them to their new gig.  

Paul has a proven methodology to help mentees find a meaningful career.  He maintains contact with his mentees to assure that they have personal support and coaching during their first days and weeks of their new role.  

BASIC PACKAGE: Review and suggest changes to CV; Review and suggest changes to cover letters; Review and evaluate current job search strategy and suggest options; One 45 minute phone mentoring session; includes email support for 30 days.

INTERMEDIATE PACKAGE: Includes all features of the BASIC PACKAGE plus interview preparation and guide; Establish focused job search goals and develop basic plan going forward;;  Provide three 45 minute phone mentoring sessions; includes 60 days of email support

ADVANCED PACKAGE:  Includes all of the features of both the BASIC AND INTERMEDIATE PACKAGES plus guide to interviewing for information with a trial run with Paul; email support through the hiring process and beyond with coaching on salary, benefits, culture, work-life balance, etc. Lifetime email mentoring support.

CUSTOM PACKAGE:  Any or all of the features above can be tailored to your needs with many extras including: support during first few weeks of employment, coaching for career change, coaching for promotion, mentoring through difficult times, etc.

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