Stopping by the water to ponder the next career.

Paul works with professionals at all stages of their career from students and new graduates just entering the workforce to managers and executives who are making or considering a career change.  

Sometimes you are stuck and need an unbiased sounding board for some thoughts and ideas.  Sometimes you need motivation, suggestions, and challenging questions to accelerate you to gig.  Paul can help.

He has a proven methodology to help mentees find a meaningful career.  Paul maintains contact with his mentees to assure that they have personal support and coaching during their first days and weeks of their new role.  

Career Coaching Services are offered in bundled packages (described below) or a la carte as a customer package designed to meet your personal needs.

Contact us to learn more about these packages that are available to fit your needs and budget

Career Services

Detailed Description of Career Services

RESUME REVIEW:Review your resume and make suggestions to enhance or improve both the content and the format. You may need to provide added information or clarification of your work experience and skills.  For the time that we work together, I continue to review and give comments, suggestions, and recommendations on your resume.  You will be responsible for final editing and changes.

JOB SEARCH STRATEGY:Request your current job search activities and review them.  I provide you with additional suggestions to find positions that are appropriate for your desired career.  

eMENTORING: Provide email and text support for the agreed time period, and I respond to questions within 8 hours but typically respond in 1 to 2 hours.  Send questions, comments, and suggestions as they are warranted.  eMentoring is helpful while developing your resume, your career path, your job search, your interviews, and during the first few weeks of employment. eMentoring may include coaching for a career change, coaching for a promotion, mentoring through difficult times, and other challenges as they arise.

MENTORING CALLS: Mentoring calls are more formal coaching conversations.  I intend to ask challenging questions for you to consider and answer during the conversation. You may have ideas, thoughts, or actions that are important to you, and you will be responsible for recording them. We establish goals, review your current situation, investigate your options to reach your goals, and agree on an action plan.

COVER LETTER REVIEW: Review, edit, suggest, and comment on your generic cover letter.   

JOB INTERVIEW GUIDEBOOK: Provide you with my Job Interview Guide, which will be delivered on-line as a pdf file. This book has recommended interview strategies, an extensive list of potential questions, and general suggestions for interviewing.

MOCK JOB INTERVIEW: Conduct a 30 minute Skype interview with you and act as the potential hiring manager.  I provide feedback and suggestions, and then we repeat the conversation during the same Skype session.

INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW GUIDEBOOK: Provide you with my Informational Interview Guide, which will be delivered on-line as a pdf file.  This book has recommended strategies for having a successful informational interview. The guide includes a list of potential questions and general suggestions for interviewing. 

MOCK INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW:Conduct a 30 minute Skype session during which you will interview me for information. I will act as the interviewee. Provide feedback and suggestions, and then we will repeat the interview during the same Skype session.

HOGAN ASSESSMENT and DEBRIEF:  The Hogan Assessment is a robust personality assessment that provides a summary report of your key strengths, your ideal work environments. The evaluation also highlights behaviors that have caused you to be successful but may also limit your potential if they are overused.  I provide a very detailed coaching session to discuss the implications and potential of the assessment and how that might drive the direction of your future career.

HOGAN 360 ASSESSMENT and DEBRIEF: The Hogan 360 assessment allows individuals (up to 60 reviewers) to assess your professional attitudes, strengths, and barriers.  Reviewers may be people you work for, with, or who work for you. They can also be your peers or colleagues. The 360 provides a summary report of findings and implications.  I conduct a detailed debriefing session to discuss how to use the results to improve your career performance.