Career Coaching & Mentoring

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Paul provides career coaching and mentoring for professionals at all stages of their career from students and new graduates just entering the workforce to managers and executives who are making or considering a career change.  

Sometimes a person is just stuck and needs an unbiased sounding board for their thoughts and ideas.  Sometimes they need motivation, suggestions, and challenging questions to accelerate them to their new gig.  Find out more by clicking CAREER MENTORING button.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Paul works with individuals to catalyst their strengths. Paul uses well established coaching methods such as GROW.  Paul is Hogan Certified and uses this powerful tool to guide one-on-one interactions with executives, managers, and other leaders to unlock their potential and eliminate the obstacles that stand in their way to greatness. 

Paul has deep expertise coaching executives, consultants, healthcare leaders and front-line manager

Front-Line Manager Development

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Front-line managers are a critical resource for the proper functioning of any business.  They are also some of the least supported individuals in terms of preparing them for the challenges they face.  

Developing the management and leadership skills of front-line managers will result in a wide range of improvements including the confidence and ability of the managers themselves.  Paul has developed a proven method of coaching managers to enhance their skills and further their careers.

Operational Analysis and Assessment

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Paul works with organizations to identify opportunities to improve cost, effectiveness and quality using statistical analysis and observation of processes. Paul uses his thirty years’ experience in management consulting and statistical analysis to get to the root causes and identify potential solutions.

Ideas for execution and roadmaps for sustainable solutions are helpful coaching leadership teams to move their agenda ahead.

Strategy Workshop Facilitation

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Every organization needs a strategy to survive and thrive in a competitive marketplace.  While all strategies are not equal, even great ones are often not fully executed.  

Paul has facilitated strategy workshops and provided executive coaching and management consulting to create both  strategy formulation and execution planning for a variety of industries.  He believes a simple strategy well executed is superior to a sophisticated strategy that sits on the shelf or is poorly executed.. 

Project Troubleshooting

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Projects have goals, resources, timelines, budgets, and complex interactions with internal and external stakeholders.  Most projects struggle to meet any of these objectives. 

Paul has deep experience in managing, evaluating, and fixing projects and he can get your project back on track and start delivering the ROI that sold the project in the beginning. By coaching project leaders and teams to create a roadmap Paul has helped to project team succeed.

About Paul

Career Mentor Paul McBlaine

Paul has over 40 years of leadership experience. He has coached over 500 leaders and helped them achieve their objectives, enhance their careers, and refine their leadership styles. He believes that every person can lead and believes in the power of coaching to unlock success in the face of complex challenges to deliver meaningful results. 

He has helped leaders address difficult conversations, make challenging decisions, enhance team effectiveness and create ongoing, effective strategic and personal focus. Paul believes that every leader has resources within themselves to affect meaningful change and enhance their career. 

His role with coaching is to catalyze change by helping the leader to expand their strengths and focus their energy. Paul coached leaders through difficult times. He coached leaders to deliver measurable results while enhancing their leadership skills and building on their strengths. 

He led many management consulting engagements to deliver strategic plans, process redesign, organizational redesign, and cost reduction by coaching and facilitating teams of leaders.

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