Your Guide to Launch a Successful Career

Do you want to get hired? The Getting Hired Program in this book is your guide to start beating your competition and getting the job you want. Imagine that almost every application you make results in an interview and an offer. That can be your reality if you are better prepared than other applicants.

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Great Experience

PAUL MCBLAINE has worked on five continents and coached hundreds of professionals in many industries. Thanks to the depth of experience, he has developed universal strategies, tools, and behaviors that work across industry, levels, and roles. He spent most of his career, either creating his transitions or helping others to design their futures. The result is a program that applies to job hunters at all stages of their careers, to make successful career changes.

Take Control!

The Career Series is a complete guide to help you take control of your career and be successful, whether you are getting hired, leading, managing, consulting, or getting promoted, or retiring. This first book in the series contains over 160 specific actions to help you create a powerful job-winning toolkit. The book includes writing winning resumes and cover letters, developing a personal marketing message, and optimizing your LinkedIn Profile. Everything you need to get noticed.The program doesn’t stop there. Getting noticed and landing an interview is just the beginning.

The program focuses on how to prepare yourself to crush all of your interviews. Getting Hired will be a life long roadmap for owning your career path and your future.Your career is your most important job. Unless you are an entrepreneur or independently wealthy, you will spend a considerable amount of time looking for employment throughout your career.

Even if you want a different job in your current company, you need to be prepared to apply and interview for your new position. If you are well prepared, you will get the job you want. Make no mistake, getting hired is a competition. This book will help you discover what you want and learn how to ask for it, compete and win.

Change Is the Only Constant

Perhaps you already have a job, but you are not happy in your current position; you might want a promotion, be out of work, or have just graduated. Further, you may not yet know what job you can do, what career will make you happy, or how you want to pivot your career. There is an infinite number of reasons why you might look for something new, but to make a career change, you need to get hired. At some point in everyone’s career, they will need to change jobs, careers, or both. Even the CEO of a company will eventually need to find another position, maybe a board position, or become a CEO at a different company. Nothing lasts forever, and you need to prepare for the change.There is, and will continue to be, enormous competition for jobs at all levels. You are not alone.

You Must Stand Out!

There are millions of people in your position searching for a job, and millions of jobs available. Yet, there are still hundreds of thousands of open opportunities that go unfilled. Well-qualified individuals are unable to secure a job. Many people won’t even get a response to an application or a simple screening interview. Why? Because, they lack focus, are not prepared, and not going about their job search campaign in the best way. They don’t stand out from the crowd, and to be successful, you must stand out!Your challenge is to compete and win.

I created the Getting Hired Program to help my clients stand above their competition. The Program helps them be more confident by showing them how to conduct thorough research and job search preparation. There are generally two ways of finding a job: networking or applying to a job posting. The Getting Hired Program is a step-by-step guide to successfully managing careers using both approaches. Adequate preparation demonstrates to any employer that the candidate cared enough to do their homework.

The rest of the decision comes down to personality. Well-prepared candidates will compete, win and get hired.